I spent years going to the gym, I'd lose a few pounds then get bored and give up. Paul puts a different spin on things to make exercise far more enjoyable.

He takes time out to email me my workout so I don't even need to think when you go to the gym on my own, I just do as I'm told.

From the beginning it's not only my workout that Paul checks, he monitors my food too which helps me alot. Paul pushes me more than I would push myself and knows that by giving me something I struggle with helps me reach my goals quicker.

I can honestly say that working with Paul has changed my life. I'm more confident and happier in myself and even when I have a rubbish couple of weeks Paul helps me find out the reasons why and knows what to say to make me motivated again.

I am the most toned I have ever been and I see muscles in my arms I never new existed. I'm a client for life.


I have always been a gym regular, usually alternating classes with the actual gym, normally  4 - 5  times  a  week.  Yes  I  was smug, considered myself fit and assumed my slight plumpness was in my genes, after all I exercised far more than my friends.

Then I attended a workshop hosted by Paul and enjoyed it so much I decided to have 12 sessions just to prove to myself I was doing good.

Well I wasn't, as my first session proved, but with Paul's support, direction and encouragement I am no longer plump, my energy levels are better than my adult children, my diet is healthy and enjoyable and I feel so good.

And to cap it all I look forward to my sessions with Paul, hard work but the feel good factor is amazing. If you are looking for a life changer then Paul is your man.


Having a busy lifestyle means you can't afford to waste your time. It is very easy for business to get in the way of training but working with Paul has ensured that I keep focused on goals that are up there alongside my business goals.

By constantly measuring my results he keeps me on the straight narrow, ensuring that I'm always working hard to achieve the results. I've worked with personal trainers in the past who have stood there drinking coffee but with Paul you know he's completely focused on you for that hour.

Every exercise work so many different body parts and are a really effective use of your time. It never gets any easier but you do definitely get much fitter. Watch out for those exercises that look easy, there the really hard ones, very clever.

Also, it's not just about exercise, Paul has a great knowledge of nutrition and how eating the correct type and volume of food really compliments the training regime that he designs for you.

Working with Paul enables you to work on your health & fitness 24/7, even when you're on holiday. If you're serious about getting fit and feeling better about yourself, Paul's your man.

Learn how to move right,

eat right & think right

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