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"you'll never run again"

A surgeon told me that after the accident that left me with a permanent weakness in my spine. I chose to put those words to the back of my mind until running started to hurt and I figured he could be right.

Then a magazine assignment led me to discover barefoot running and Ken Bob Saxton, a self taught runner who, now in his sixties, has spend most of his life running, walking, doing pretty much everything without shoes on.

Fast forward a few years and I'd learned lots about barefoot running from all manner of people ranging from bio-mechanics experts to evolutionary biologists and even a foot surgeon.

Most importantly I learned how to run properly, without pain and without shoes. Now the only things I wear on my feet are non supportive, super thin 'barefoot' shoes ... or none at all.

what do surgeons know?

Everyone who works with me understands the importance of doing it barefoot (or as close as possible). I've helped many runners change their ways and in some cases recover from injury. I've even changed people's posture purely by strengthening their feet and ditching the 'regular' supportive shoes that can do more harm than good. I'm also working with one of the leaders in 'barefoot' footwear, Vibram FiveFingers (take a look at the video).

For most of the time your feet are your only contact with the ground. So you want all those nerves down there (and there are thousands) to do the best job they can of telling your brain what the rest of your body should do as you move around.

Barefoot your feet are stronger too as they're getting no help from supportive shoes. Give any muscle support and it will become weaker.

Kick off your shoes and learn to run the way nature intended.

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