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the break that fixed me

I discovered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle a little later than most. At school I was bullied for being the fat kid who hated sport and would do anything to avoid a cross country run. It was a flying accident (more boring than it sounds) that put me in hospital and forced me to change the way I treated my body. Finally in 2004 I  became a mature student earning qualifications in personal training, nutrition and lifestyle. I then walked away from a sucessful career presenting breakfast radio and took the plunge.

I started as a personal trainer, based (as I still am) at Three Rivers Country Club in Essex. However I soon found my way back into the media writing for fitness magazines and speaking at national fitness events. Then in 2014 I was approached by Bloomsbury and my first book was published in 2016 (click here to see it). I found a love for barefoot running too and have helped many people recover from injury and improve their running by making the change, as I did.

the rewards keep coming

Since forming Mumford Phys. Ed. I've been lucky enough to help people with a wide variety of goals from weight loss to rehabilitation. I work closely with an Osteopath to help people recover from injury and work to prevent future problems. Pretty rewarding stuff.

I still look after many of the clients I started with all those years ago and I've picked up some more along the way. My clients include a young Mum and business woman who continues to eat well and move well. She's even taken up barefoot running. At the other end of the spectrum is a lady who has just retired, loves running (barefoot of course) and actually does a better job of keeping up with her grandchildren than her own children do.

I'm still a presenter too. I reguarly appear on BBC radio and have another business presenting and producing videos for companies primarily within the fitness industry.

Learn how to move right,

eat right and think right.

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